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Along with weekly lawn mowing, Nu Life Lawn Care provides core aeration for turf that needs a little boost.

Core aeration is a very important lawn care service that will give your lawn a head-start in the Spring. Fall aeration can be done as well. This process is performed with a mechanical machine that will remove three-inch long and about the diameter of a dime, aeration core plugs of soil.

Performing a core aeration will help reduce thatch build up allowing important nutrients, air and water to reach the root zone of your turf. The exchange will promote new growth producing healthy turf.

When seeking  lawn care services, aerating should be apart of your lawn maintenance program every year.


Nu Life Lawn Care is centrally located in Stillwater, MN, our weekly lawn mowing program is available in Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Oakdale, Woodbury and surrounding areas.