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We provide the commercial customer a clean, well manicured look every time. Trimming around obstacles and edging areas our mowers can’t reach will give your property the desired curb appeal you will come to expect. We’re able handle all aspects of lawn care, give us a call and set yard maintenance on cruise control.


Nu Life Lawn Care is centrally located in Stillwater, MN, our weekly lawn mowing program is available in Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Oakdale, Woodbury and surrounding areas.

Our Professional Mowing Team

When the Nu Life lawn mowing team arrives, they will treat you and your property with the utmost respect. Our team consists of trained professionals who love and take pride in what they do.

Commercial Grade Mowing Equipment

Our equipment is meticulously maintained for optimal performance and professional appearance. Mowing blades are always kept sharp to give a clean cut, preventing lawn damage.

Additional Considerations and Tips for Your Lawn

The following lawn services and tips, combined with our weekly mowing services will yield a healthy, lush lawn, year after year.

Lawn Mowing Height

Your lawn will be maintained at a 3 to 3.5” height. Mowing at this level has several benefits. Leaving the stalks taller will help shade the root system and keep the soil moist for a longer period of time. Shade also helps keep the seeds from common weeds from germinating. Your lawn will look more lush and green.

Lawn Watering

To allow us to provide the best possible result, we recommend getting your lawn at least 1” of water per week. This will be especially important if you are a part of our fertilization and weed control program because watering delivers and distributes the treatments.


Does your lawn have heavy amounts of thatch in it? If your lawn does removing the thatch will help allow your turf to fill in and receive oxygen. The tine rake on our mower will not harm your lawn if used in the right conditions.

To early and we could damage the roots. If there is heavy thatch one other alternative is to have a core aeration done along with your fertilizer and weed  control program.

Fertilization and Weed Control

We know lawn fertilization and weed control programs that work on one lawn should be entirely different for another. We tailor our fertilization and weed prevention services to your type of soil, grass species, lawn traffic and shade.

Core Aeration

When we are at your property to perform service it would be the best time possible to overseed your lawn. If you have any bare or thinning areas in your turf the plug openings are a perfect location for seeds to germinate and rapidly thicken up your lawn. With this service you would want to make sure you are available to provide the lawn with enough water so your investment does not go to waste.


Performing a core aeration will help reduce thatch build up allowing important nutrients, air and water to reach the root zone of your turf. The exchange will promote new growth producing healthy turf.