Lawn Care Companies in Hugo, MN

We provide commercial Hugo MN lawn care and snow plowing services. Our team of experts will take care of your lawn care needs, and leave your lawn looking healthier every time. Nu Life Lawn is your dedicated, professional, Hugo MN Lawn Care specialist.

NuLife Lawn Care provides all your standard lawn care and snow plowing needs, and more.  We provide spring cleanup services, which include dethatching and core aeration. We also provide a fall yard cleanup, which consists of leaf removal, fertilization and weed control.

Here at NuLife, no lawn gets the same treatment, because we understand that each lawn differs in its sunlight exposure, soil type,  and species of grass.  After we evaluate your lawn, we create a special lawn care plan, to meet your lawns specific needs, keeping your lawn looking healthier every time.

The link below will take you to the environment/water conservation section on the City of Hugo’s website, which has some useful information about Hugo MN lawn care, such as water conservation and mulching plants: City of Hugo Public Works